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Do you have big plans for 2018, but feel like your own worry and uncertainty is keeping you back? You want to quit your day job, but you worry about going bankrupt? You want to travel more, but you worry about the safety of the world? You want to tell someone you love them, but […]


She Just BOOKED her FIRST $10,000.00 Client! That’s a lot of ZEROS! She BELIEVED she could. So she DID. It sounds simple, but it’s a truth in life that cannot be denied. When we believe in our own worth, in our own abilities, and we shift our mindsets into ones of positivity, then we are […]


To really experience FREEDOM and JOY in this life, we must give ourselves permission to do all of the things that we are saying NO to.  Remember when you were in school and had to get permission slips to turn in work late, or attend a field trip? Today I bring you some of the […]


Greetings from Edinburgh! The Benincosa Sisters may not be good at everything, but we definitely know how to manifest 1st Class Upgrades! Cheers! Do you ever have that feeling when you know that an adventure is going to be life changing? I feel that for myself here in Scotland on a level I’ve never felt […]


Have you ever had one of these things stop you from taking action: EVERYONE on your Instagram is in Italy or Greece doing amazing things and eating amazing things and looking skinny and tan? EVERYONE on Facebook is posting pictures of their engagement rings, or ultrasounds, or amazingly beautiful newborns dressed in antique linens from […]


“God bless that potential that we all have for making anything possible if we think we deserve it.” –Shirley MacLaine, awarded Best Actress for Terms of Endearment in 1983 Last night Kevin Spacey did an amazing job hosting the TONY awards. If you’re anything like me, you LOVE watching people get recognition for the hard […]


Happy Saint Patrick’s Day Everyone! If you’ve followed any of my adventures in the past few years, you know that Ireland and the Irish people are close to my heart. Maybe it is the kindness I encountered when I lived there one summer in a large castle (I had the entire upper floor all to […]


Have you ever struggled with thinking positively all the time? Are you too hard on yourself and demand the most impossible of perfection? Do you worry about not getting enough done in the day? Do you feel distractions from your phone and online sources are killing your productivity? Do you feel that, each week, there […]


How You Are in Life is How You Are in Business. That has always been something I know. If we take action and are motivated and driven in our own lives, we tend to take action and have motivations in our businesses. They mirror each other pretty consistently. When I look around at different Facebook […]


So, you’re 8 days in to 2017 already! How does it feel? Do you have that forward motion and clarity we all seek at the beginning of something new? Have you been able to prioritize your time and business so that it will be healthy and strong? Have you set exciting goals and started working […]


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